Parent, Teacher, Measure K Co-Chair

I am a parent of 3 kids in the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District, a Belmont resident, and a former public school teacher. I am an education advocate, a classroom volunteer, and I was the Co-Chair for the Yes on Measure K campaign. As the Yes on Measure K co-chair, I led a team of committed volunteers in advocating for the passage of Measure K in June 2018, which resulted in $1.4 million more annually for our Belmont-Redwood Shores schools.

My priorities for our Belmont-Redwood Shores School District are fiscal responsibility, increased communication, and improved collaboration. I would like to ensure that the school district puts ALL the taxpayer revenue it receives to the best possible use, while ensuring a high-quality education for all students. I will increase communication between the school district and the community, and foster a greater connection between the community and the schools and students. I will improve collaboration throughout the district, between administrators, teachers and staff, parents, and community members.

As an educator myself, I understand how much experienced teachers impact the quality of education.  I will work to attract and retain high-quality teachers, and make sure our academic programs stay on top.  I would be honored by your vote.

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